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Technical Packing is considered an integral aspect of the product design process. Under Apparel Development, we work with clients to clarify and iron out necessary garment details, along with supporting CAD illustrations and 3D models (if needed). This is followed by the creation of an industry-standard technical pack, detailed enough for the manufacturer to understand, thus reducing the margin for error at prototype stage.

Technical Windbreaker
SUBJECT: Streetwear | Outerwear

Prep Corp. ssnow.png

We work based on the belief that being able to narrow down the necessary details and intricacies, is the first step towards designing a great garment. This is why, prior to coloured illustrations and 3D models, the preferred post-sketch/ ideation starting point is the technical CAD flat illustration. 

Beyond the necessary garment details, visualisation techniques (2D & 3D) help us explore additional details such as garment fit/ sample sizing, colour-ways and fabric types. These are all details which are included in the final technical packs. Here, we focus on 2D coloured illustrations and 3D modelling (if needed).

As seen on British singer, Ramz.

Need tech-pack assistance for your garments? Get in touch!

Our design process is very collaborative and solely focused on helping bring your vision to life, using design tools we are quite familiar with. With our technical packing service, you can rest assured knowing your product will coast through the prototyping/sampling stages.

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