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PREP CORP. is a design studio, focused on Apparel Development / Garment Design and Graphic design. We offer creative support to brand owners & design enthusiasts .

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Part of our work in Apparel Development is geared towards serving the Streetwear community and for this reason, it is important to have a firm grasp on Graphic Design. Naturally, we also assist clients in aspects of graphic design which fall out of the Apparel Development sphere, such as brand identity development.

We assist with multiple stages of the design process.

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We use 3D design tools as part of our Apparel Development process, in order to bring the product technical details much closer to reality. Here, factors such as fabric type and garment fit can be given much closer attention.

Our services are provided across multiple stages of the design process, with the objective being to assist clients in taking an idea from concept stage to technical detailing for physical sampling and manufacture.

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